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    man .. not even a word about my post. Maybe i put too much work in it..

    but one last thing: do yourself a favor, and dont help him ...

    why should you? because he stopped bullying you?

  2. hmmm i think your confidence should come from inside, not from anything you actually do. i've said this before, but i think too many people in the game rely on women for the sense of confidence, mystery certainly did, and when his girl didn't like him he went nuuuuts. i think relying on a sport for confidence is bad too. confidence shouldn't be linked to anything except yourself. if you're a soccer player and you broke your leg you should still have confidence.

    that having been said, i think being healthy is a key part of confidence.

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    i've been in that position when i was in high school, i was really skinny and had small self confidence, man i tell you when you hit the gym and learn to box it really helps you. Just stay confident and unaffected.

    You think if someone went to mike tysons face and called him a pussy he would feel scared, no because he is confident in his abilities.

    The best thing is if he is your size or just a bit bigger than its fine, if your 5'3 140lbs and standing up to a 6'3 250lb guy thats a problem, pick your battles, stay UNAFFCETED, dont fall into his tactics. Hes just insecure. A good line i uses was man you must have no self esteem and shut the bully up.

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    get this guy on his own square up and tell him to back off. If no one else is there for him to perform to you should be able to out AMOG him without resorting to violence and he wont be humiliated in front of your group thrus reducing the chance of violence. And if it does come to violence, at least no one will be around to see how badly one of you gets there assed kicked :P lol

    good luck mate

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    Like miaddict was saying, never resort to violence or continue the trend of saying stuff back to him. It never works. I'm still learning how to handle jokes. I often become the joke in social circles, because I'm the "nice" guy. However I've built a stronger frame over the past few months. Sometimes the best thing to say..."is something wrong," and maintain strong eye contact, he will not be able to make eye contact with you. You can also break down his insecurities. Call him out on his bull shit. He's trying to bring you down to his level. Sounds like this guy never had boundaries as a kid. Now he's in the real world. Threaten to use the law against him. Ask him privately, "Do you want to stay in college or throw away you career? I will report you to the police and campus authorities if you touch me again." Let your social circle know about this so he doesn't try and bend the truth behind your back.

    I don't think size has much to do with your frame. I know a kid, he's 110 pounds. About 5 foot. He's crazy...He's first string line backer in football and has been a state placer in wrestling through out his high school career. No one messes with him. He has a ton of confidence on the field. He sees the guy, he beats the guy. He will not leave that field or mat without giving all that hes got. But still dont resort to violence. Do get involved with kick boxing and weights cuz you never know when your going to need it. Read about it fitness and nutrition. Educate yourself so you get on the right start.

    Its funny. I work out but people don't know and I don't talk about it. I look like a skinny average Joe because I wear normal clothes. The other day I took off my shirt, people shat their pants. Although people know that I'm physically capable of many things, my size doesn't have to do with a lot of my respect. Its the frame that I'm still working on. Establish boundaries and don't let people cross them

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    oooh I like these do what Miadict says, it will work, Or next time you guys are drinking smash a bottle on his head and stab him with it a few times it should be just as affective, but you might get into some trouble lol

  7. If you want to learn some moves, taking up marital arts can be tome consuming. Check out some security/police moves. Get a couple of quick moves down, ever seen a 5'4 150pound bouncer take down a 6'4 280 pound guy? Look at wrist locks, jugular notches and also striking with a closed fist (hammerfist style) on the forearms.

    If you can put him into a wristlock, it'll totally reframe him as he begs you to stop. You don't need a lot of strength to pull it off, and when you get him into it you'll have total control over him with 1 hand. Be careful though because it's possible to break wrists.

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