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  1. it is as simple as it gets! i will tell you about a similar situation that happened to me with my so called wing from back then.
    we were out at a club opening sets like crazy and merging sets unbelieveably.
    so this guy, i will call him cocksucker for explanatory reasons, decides he wants my target. i really liked this girl and i was ready to bounce with her so i refused.
    so cocksucker then starts telling everyone in the group about some made up penis disease that i have. (the shit he made wouldn't believe). so everything went down the drain for me. he wasn't a friend, he was just a guy i used to go sarging with to be clear. so cocksucker did stay for another hour or so inside the club while i waited outside for him after just leaving the club without saying anything. so an hour later and a cigarette pack later he comes out alone. that is when i kicked the living shit out of him. i broke my big toe while kicking him in the face. the fine was small and it felt sooo damn good.
    i am not saying you should do the same. don't hang out with him but embarass him in some way before you do that.
    i can't stand this kind of behaviour and i am very short tempered when it comes to people trying to make a fool out of me.


  2. I think as soon as he starts saying stuff about the book cut him off and say

    "still on about that book eh? comeon man you don't need a book to pickup girls. just be yourself"
    *turn to hb*
    "he's been having trouble with the ladies for a while ...."
    try not to let him get a word in

  3. your problem was probably that you were shocked by the situation.
    if someone else with strong inner game would encounter this situation he could have gotten away with it easily.

    also you are talking like no one was ever caught doing pick up geez it happens from time to time and its actually good because its so fascinating to girls.
    if it happens again say something like "yeah its quite cool actually here ill show you something I learned" then do some of mystery's gambits/chick crack on her

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sets View Post
    Aright guys ive got a story that is sooo bullshit you honestly wont believe it.

    I was at a wedding yesterday, i decided i was gunna pull out the stocks because if wedding crashers has taught us anything, its that weddings are amazing places for picking up girls i decide to peacock a little with my suit....bright orange dress shirt, black with dark blue pinstriped pants and jacket, and my conversation peice, my fraternity tie laced in gold and dark blue with the letters as the pin guard. And all the jewlery. So i figure the game was on. So im upstairs and i start talking with this girl at my table, a girl that a buddy of mine brought as his date...nothing serious was between them so i thought aright maybe its time to take a step up and see if i can win a girl that came with another guy. And it was working, i had managed to get this girl so flirty at the table that even my buddy was like wow. So then i go outside and i throw down the usual neg, i told her her pink nail polish on her toes and her nails didnt do her any justice, i told her red wooulda been much sexier.....she was a tall brunnette dark hazel eyes, B breasts long legs, probably an 8 to a 9 hb. she was soooo insulted, she took it very personally for such a small neg, and then she started calling me jack - o lantern cuz of my shirt....i laughed it off and went upstairs where i built sooo much raport with her. i was demonstrating value like no tomorrow, to the point where she was validating herself to me after every sentence. i would say i know how to speak arabic, its an interesting language blah blah blah, then i would say something to her in arabic ( i know maybe 6 phrases that my roomates taught me). then it was almost a done deal, i was going for the close but she put up the LMR. so i got a phone number and we headed to a friends place after to hang out for the afterparty. and this is where it gets so fucking bad that u wouldnt believe it. my one friend is some what knowledged of this PUA stuff. And he had over heard everything that me and this girl were talking about at the house, he decided he was gunna try to trump me..because he said my game was weak...u know how he did it? HE EXPOSED THE GAME!!! he literally jumped into a conversation and said why did u neg her...the book doesnt tell u to use that stuff up here it doesnt work in toronto, in fact u shouldnt be using books and learned knowledged to do this stuff u should be urself....and he did this right in front of her...she was like books...what are u talking about...
    step 1 reframe him as crazy step 2 ???? step 3 profit!!!!

    [qoute]then i got so pissed because i didnt even care about the girl anymore...i was insulted by the fact that this guy was such a fucking hypocrit and out rightedly cock blocked me with his knowledge of what he thinks is game (really hes maybe read the game and thats it!!!) [/quote] See, he is crazy, talking about game while not getting laid, shame on him.
    but either way he destroyed everything....the girl was so upalled that she wouldnt even talk to me after...started saying ohh that shit and lines dont buddy agrees and then brings others into the conversation...essentially he exposes my biggest insecurity and lets the entire fucking planet know that im using stuff ive learned to get this girl...biggest and most rediculous cock block ever!!! HOW and i mean HOW do u deflect something like this...when someone who knows a little about this stuff...comes in and blocks by exposing it to do u deflect guys because honestly...i cant wait to get this jerk off i call a friend back for this one.....HELP!!!!!!!!
    Oh this has nothing do with insecurity and is more about need, you feel indebted towards Mystery and therefore needy because he gets you girls. This is socially unvaluable and you feel it's a big secret you have to keep.

    The key is to go out and game just by yourself, then you'll see you are more relevant to the interaction than Mystery ever could be. (because you are, you are the big person in control here not some book)

    After this big DLV looming over your head is eliminated, its easy to realize how an essentially crazy wing is sensationalizing something in a situation to be low value and hurtful.

    And let me tell you something, sensationalized info is always wrong. Anyway, it was nice of this guy to make it seem like he was helping you, but really it was just a ruse to hide his crap.

    The girl didn't blow you out because you were a PUA, the girl blew you out because you threw out a huge DLV.

    To digress a bit on the direction I am going, yes I am all for being realistic, especially in a situation like this where some guy was a fag and it wasn't your fault, but you really should make an effort to make PUA private.

    This is for three reasons, first off PUA has a bad frame, this is from two directions. Firstly it directly violates secret society by letting people who don't get laid, get laid (which is uncool and makes that dirty thing, sex, seem ok to popularize). And two it shows neediness because it's target audience is those in need. PUA makes great efforts to seem cool, but the appeal just has flaws.

    In short it's good not to let people in on it because doing so is hard. However even if that was not the case, PUA should be a private thing for another reason.

    To keep it fresh and prevent too many people corrupting it.It's a service to your brothers.

    Finally PUA is only for very specific people, you don't tell others that you have a blood type O for example, because it's just not relevant to them so it's pointless to promote this stuff as well.

    PUA has two sides to it, a minor sensationalist side that is mass appeal and give the promise of a shocking quick fix but really makes you worse with women. (this is for loser girls who want to waste their time being threatened and loser guys who want to feel more needy about girls but be weird at the same time)

    Then there is the real side, for guys who are genuinely cool and understand the writing, or for girls who just want to educate themselves about social dynamics for fun.

    Anyway your friend was clearly the former, and because he was the former he let his neediness get to him as you experienced.

    In closing learn to deal with your DLV and educate yourself about the issues some people can have.

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    I totally agree with flex88, that's the best way to play it with this guy. If you get defensive he will poke you more on it until you loose control of things...anyway when he said, "we don't use nags in here and bla bla could be just what the hell are you talking about at the same time pull him away... I usually don't like having guys I don't trust near me after having a aware that many guys will pat you in front of the girl and call you a pimp or a playa....that works on your dissadvantage because she will triple her resistance next before he says call him playa...or advice him ahead of time to not pat you in the back or call you names in front of her...I know many guys used to call me pimp in front of the girls and I hated every time they say "he is a pimp" I'm like 'YES", ...loud enough so that girls hear; "I've seen you getting it with mad hoes" damn man you bigpimping...if any of ya all has any idea of what to say when guys call you playa in front of the girls bring it up


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