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    here is a tip that will save you a lot of time, cut that game-y crap out of your personality. It's just too damn try hard.

    how to open a girl at starbucks. place order for a drink and go up to girl and say "hay I know this is random but i feel lonely waiting by myself for a drink, mind if i sit with you for a bit?" even better is if you have a reason to ask that one specific girl. "hay i know this is random but you are the best dressed person in here, (wait for some reply), honestly i feel kinda lonely waiting by myself for a drink, mind if i sit here with you for a bit?"

    Seriously you guys don't need to try so hard, just be yourselves.
    I agree with your main point. I'm not generally a fan of gamey canned lines, partly because they are just not personal to the circumstance - they stop the "now" being special and unique. However, "just be yourself" is also not quite right, I think. People are on this forum because just being themselves has not led to the results they want. Perhaps its more a question of being one's best self, in which case even incongruous lines can help experiment with identity and discover previously unknown aspects of the self, in my opinion.

    Having said that, I can't see that anything beats honesty. If you open because you think she looks good, then why not say so? There's nothing needy about it - it's put out there as a fact, not a request - and it's absolutely congruous. I'd be inclined to follow up by asking what she's up to. It's nothing special, but it gives ample opportunity for humour/cold reading, as desired.

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    Most people's problems are they never "found" themselves then they come into this community, pile up a lot of PUA garbage, become super gamey and incongruent, do better with women & people in general but not because of what they learned so much as because they are actually going out and socializing now, unfortunately some where along the road they'll have a huge horrible breakdown because of all the mixed messages in their brains, from the old "afc' stuff, to the he new "pua" stuff and the conflictions in what actually works in the real world, then purge a lot of stuff they learned and become much more happy. or in other terms become themselves.

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    It all depends on the caliber of women you inevitably want to end up with. I am a narcissist and thus my she has to raise herself to my standards, because that's the type of woman I love. Someone who's willing to try for me whilst you're approach is saying "Hey, I don't actually need you to try for my attention because you're getting it straight away" Your approach will get you a girlfriend, my approach will get you a different woman for everyday of the week.

    But as is everything in the world, each to their own. We play our games differently because we target different woman for different reasons.


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    If you were getting a new women everyday of the week you wouldn't be here.

  5. Why not?

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    Go direct and be charming. If you get blown out, she will more then likely be polite about it so do the same.. be cool and internally validated

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