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    jealousy can work with any girl, you dont have to bring in a hb10.. you could bring in any girl.. if you want to make her jealous.. just start talking to another girl that works there..

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    I worked with her a 4 hour shift recently and it went very well. The whole interaction was just full energy from both sides, negging, touching, pushing, teasing , flirting, deep eye contact, smiles, .. she complimented me couple of times, on my haircut and my height... she didn't mention her ex at all (she never mentions him to me anyway!) She was asking a lot of random questions like, do you ever want to get married? how's uni? what are you doing tonight? Are you working on this day? (<-- one that she's working on).. I was very dominant this night and I even mentioned couple of funny stories that involves other girls I was seeing in the past (she was laughing about the funny aspect of the stories but the stories still included other hot girls that I was with).. She asked why I am not seeing this girl any more but a customer walked in and I went to serve him and she didn't bring it up again..

    I fixed up my looks and sprayed a perfume on myself just before finishing work to try and make her think that I am seeing someone after work! and I gave her a very lame "bye" when I was leaving.. no hug and no kiss on the cheek, I left 5 mins early and she asked "Are we allowed to leave now?" and I said "No, I took permission to leave 5mins early coz I am in a hurry" and I said "bye X" and walked off.

    Now the bad part:

    Our mutual friend worked with her today and I told before to confront her about himself hearing from others at work that I asked her out... Just to see her thoughts about it.. She got nervous and changed the topic, instead of focusing on the main topic of me asking her out she flipped the topic to speak about how other people knew about it and how the info went around quickly.. etc. and she completely avoided speaking about who she told or why she did it.. etc. I think she knows that me and this mutual friend are good friends!

    She told him that she's been speaking to her ex everyday on the phone recently (he's overseas on a holiday for two weeks)... I got very very frustrated when I heard this.. They've been on and off for 8 months! They are not together yet but the mutual friend asked her what will happen when he comes back are you going to get back together again and she said "I am not sure, I don't know we'll see what happens" and then my friend asked her are you gonna fight again like every time and she said "yeah probably and she laughed"..

    The mutual friend told me that it accidentally slipped out of her mouth that she thinks I am cute but then she straight away corrected herself and said that my haircut suits me and make me look tough.. blah blah! she also said something about how funny I am..

    Alright, I am very frustrated and confused.. Where do I stand? what's my game now? what do I do when I see her next time at work? I don't want to get played with or be a second option.. I've asked her to hang out twice before and she flaked so I think I am not gonna make any first moves any time soon..

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    My opinion, First off you have to stop trying to be dominant. It will come off instantly as Try hard and they will see that you are trying to force the leadership and or dominance instead of letting it come to you. Your game now is very very simple, she is doing everything. If she has been saying all these things to you like initiating the kino and holding deep eye contact she is into you, I would act fast or you will look socially uncalibrated by not recognizing the signs. The big thing here is to not bring up the fact she rejected you twice ever again, for any circumstance, even to tease. You are a high value man with lots of women in his life, if she rejected you its her loss, that is what you should be thinking. You not bringing the rejection up anymore shows that you don't get hung up on things like that anymore because you have women in your life. When you see her next time at work assume familiarity, that would be what I recommended. Like this,

    You : Hey whats up slacker! look If I get another complaint from a customer telling me you were to handsy I'm going to have to suspend you for a few weeks.

    Her: haha very funny or she plays along and says Oh man I thought he wouldn't tell anyone.

    You: Just be careful you might wind up with a hickey on your neck!

    Then proceed to normal conversation like tell her a crazy story from work, then this is the important part.

    You: I don't remember you being this cool I don't know where this new found you came from but I like it, we should hang out this weekend or I think we are gonna have to break up.

    3 big things in that sentence, first off you are stating that you like the new her, framing her old self(the self that rejected you) saying you are not okay with how she treated you in the past but in an alpha manner by not being whinny or needy. Second you are making the first move by saying you should hang out being the man, the alpha man. Third, if she agrees with that statement she is okay with you saying that you guys are dating even if it is in a joking manner, the statement is still there. Hope this helps, Don't put to much weight on this it will make you nervous and hinder your game, relax and have fun man that is the most important part if her ex ever gets brought up you have no reason to talk about it so don't......Just be the better option, that is the best thing you can do. if she is faced with a choice between you and him, be the better choice.


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